Small Feet – Big Steps.

With the theme “Big Days: Small Feet – Big Steps” 19 GORE-TEX® brand ambassador families report online about the “Big Days” of their little heroes.

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  • 20160404_ford1
    Ford Family | 04.04.2016

    Spring Snowfall in The Lake District

    Taking Anna for her first taste of real mountain snowy adventures was one of the best ‘Big Days Out’ imaginable. The Lake District can be an…

  • 20160404_wallace1
    Wallace Family | 04.04.2016

    When #StormDesmond and his friends came to play

    Since our last blog (which funnily enough featured rather a lot of rain!) we’ve had a bit more of the wet stuff. As many will have…

  • 20160115_Alford
    Alford Family | 15.01.2016


    A very wet December meant Katie and Louisa had plenty of opportunities to wear their GORE-TEX® Viking Jade GTX boots and really test them out. We…

  • 20160111-Maclean-Walker
    Maclean-Walker Family | 11.01.2016

    A Sunday Family walk in Ashton Court

    This weekend we had family staying with us from Kent. Bethany is studying to be a Vet at Bristol University, so her Mum and Dad and…

  • 20151222_Morrall
    Morrall Family | 22.12.2015

    Our seasonal trip to the Eden Project

    Well here in Devon we have a had a few weeks of rain, 7 to be exact, with the odd day of blue sky. I’m thankful…

  • 20151222_Lancashire
    Lancashire Family | 22.12.2015

    Lancashire Family GORE-TEX Blog

    Well, after some confusion with sizing (completely our fault) we finally got Jack’s new shoes. He was absolutely delighted and said “they’re the coolest shoes EVER!”…


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