Small Feet – Big Steps.

With the theme “Big Days: Small Feet – Big Steps” 19 GORE-TEX® brand ambassador families report online about the “Big Days” of their little heroes.

Blog articles & News

  • 20160927-Lancashire-K
    Lancashire Family | 28.09.2016

    Family visit to the Lake District

    There was much excitement when two identical shoe boxes arrived, as this is the first time both kids have been able to test GORE-TEX shoes together….

  • 20160926_pannell
    Pannell Family | 26.09.2016

    Family Visit to Bodium Castle, East Sussex

    We’ve been to Bodium Castle before as it is fairly local to our home and a good day out. It is simple to access from the A21 and…

  • 20160923_english
    English Family | 22.09.2016

    Back To School For Peanut – Another Goretex Big Day

    There goes summer! Instead here comes back to to school and soggy socks from the wet school run! My peanut likes to run and jump and…

  • 20160919-proctor
    Proctor Family | 19.09.2016

    Ready for Big Days adventures with GORE-TEX

    I can’t quite believe that the holidays are over and we are already back in the school routine.  Adventures now have to be squeezed into the…

  • 20160919-price
    Price Family | 19.09.2016

    Great Shoes For Pokémon GO Walking

    Pokémon GO is getting us out of the house more and more this summer.  We’ve spent a lot of time walking around the local parks in…

  • 20160907_pannell
    Pannell Family | 07.09.2016

    Making the most of the Great Outdoors

    My little girls love to be outdoors, it is a real challenge to keep them in. As many of you will know we live in an…


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