Small Feet – Big Steps

About “Big Days”


What are “Big Days”?

Their first step, their first day at school or their first dancing lesson – children experience something new every day, and each day is another Big Day in their life. Their future is shaped by small and big experiences alike. When children gather positive experiences with the right shoes the first time around they become eager to repeat what they have learnt.


Why become a GORE-TEX® brand ambassador family?

  • Current styles: In 2016 ambassador families receive two new pairs of GORE-TEX® kids shoes
  • Exchange with other parents: As a GORE-TEX® brand ambassador family, parents gain exclusive insights and background information and therefore have a special expertise, which can be shared with other parents and peers
  • Blogger-badge: Parents, who have their own blog, receive an official badge that distinguishes them as a GORE-TEX® brand ambassador family

Who is eligible to become a GORE-TEX® brand ambassador family?

  • Parents with one to three children aged between 0 and 10 years
  • Parents who are active users of the internet and ideally have their own blog
  • Parents who are communicative and well networked
  • Parents who are interested in the GORE-TEX® brand products and are keen to test the GORE-TEX® kids shoes with their children
  • Parents who enjoy sharing snapshots, text or video material of their children’s Big Days online and with other parents
  • Young people aged between 11 and 14 years who, with their parents’ permission, would like to write reports about their own experiences with GORE-TEX® kids shoes on their blog or their Facebook profile

What is expected from a GORE-TEX® brand ambassador family?

Three to five times a year, or whenever brand ambassador families get a new pair of GORE-TEX® kids shoes, those parents who have their own blog should post at least one big article including nice photos or video material online. With the GORE-TEX® kids shoes, waterproof and fit for children’s adventures as they are, there certainly many pleasant moments of the “Big Days” that the GORE-TEX® brand ambassador families can report about on their blog or Facebook profile.


What is the point of having GORE-TEX® brand ambassador families?

There remains a considerable need for clarification with themes of children’s feet and kids shoes. Feet which are sweaty? Feet which are cold and wet? The right shoe size? How important is a shoe with the right kind of function? With the ambassador programme, the GORE-TEX® brand wants to create a central online platform for this information on the one hand and gather the many pleasant memories of the ambassador families’ Big Days on the other hand.

Authentic and honest progress reports from the brand ambassador families are valuable information for other parents and important feedback for the GORE-TEX® brand to be able to improve the products on a continual basis and to better understand parents’ aspirations.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to write an email to Craig MacLellan at