Laybourn Family

Laybourn Family

We are a very active family from Essex with two monkeys, who never sit still. Both, Benjamin (7) and Joshua (5), love being outdoors. They love playing football best but as a family we enjoy walks, climbing in the woods, den building, visiting farms, parks and having family picnics! In 2016 we are planning a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine, as our youngest monkey loves his trains! We will also be visiting Jimmy’s Farm to den build, fish and explore and have a holiday booked to Newquay. We plan on giving the monkeys their first experience of body boarding and surfing whilst there! There will be lots of weekends spent at the park, biking and exploring too.

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  • Ecco Urban Snowboarder (Small)

    Ecco Urban Snowboarder (Small)

  • Ecco Urban Snowboarder

    Ecco Urban Snowboarder

  • Superfit Sport GTX®

    Superfit Sport GTX®

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